“Happy” Dance by Soldiers

I can’t get enough of this viral dance craze on You Tube!! Whenever I feel a bit down or isolated, I hunt down some more of these dances to smile at. The song is so catchy all by itself … makes you want to get on your feet and dance along too. I have to admit, I have done this a few times. I bet you there is no way you can watch any one of the hundreds of “Happy” dancers and not have a smile on your face at some point, and most probably, you will be laughing out loud at some of the antics they pull. Here is another compilation of Happy Dancers including Pharrell himself.

Yes, life is meant to have fun and it is completely up to us to grab every opportunity, or to shrivel up into a corner … it is a choice! These soldiers are far from family and friends and working in some very hot weather. They CHOSE to get Happy and show the world! hhhmmm … maybe these are some heroes I can add to my list … Yes! I do believe!

Now get off your butt and DANCE! Who Cares Who Sees!! What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the Best that can happen? 🙂

(Music & Dance Thanks to Pharrell Williams)


Here’s My Hero … Show Me Yours :-)

I bet your hero’s have changed over the years. I remember when I was little, my hero’s were mommy and daddy. A little later it was the comic characters; then perhaps some musicians. When I married, it was my hubby; and other people who touched my life along the way.

Now that I am a junior senior I have a new hero. You have probably even seen her dance. After all, her operating room six minute You Tube video has been viewed by millions. She is my hero!

I saw her on Ellen today. She explained that when she dances she “is transformed” and “when you are facing death, you want to focus on living”. Deborah shared that she also wanted her operating team in a good space as well, and being a doctor of the hospital helped her make this vision happen. She shared that she wanted to dance rather than shrivel up in a corner waiting for the surgery to happen.

A Reporter gives a more details as a You Tube video with more info if you are interested: Surgery Patient Throws Dance Party

I would love to add more to my list. Please share with me who YOUR Hero is … and why.

Sunday Morning – Tweeting with Oprah and Eckhart – This is the Life!

Sunday Morning - Tweeting with Oprah and Eckhart - This is the Life!

I am in awe! Amazed that I was simply surfing on Twitter, and came across Super Soul Sundays with Oprah. As I read a few of the comments, I could see that these people viewed life as I do, from a positive outlook. Of course we are all struggling and learning to stretch further in order to achieve a more permanent level of fulfillment and joy. As I continued to read further, I realized that Oprah was actually tweeting along with this international audience.

Finally, I realized that they were all talking about the same thing – a book titled “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. Today’s topic was Chapter 3 – “The Core of Ego. In this episode, they further explore the human ego, discussing what feeds it and how to break free of it through the simple power of awareness”. I was drawn in – hook, line and sinker! I participated in the tweets along with the others, and even felt that I was contributing to the discussion 🙂

I have found, as I am aging, that somewhere I have picked up more patience and less stress. I discovered years ago that stress and worry are simply wasted energy. They accomplish nothing except draining you of your energy. I try instead, to identify a constructive action(s) to deal with the source of the worry or stress. i.e. – worried about your child who is far away? … Skype or phone just to say “I love you”. They will appreciate the call and you will feel better hearing their voice. … Worried about your job — too much on your plate? Rumor mill? Caring for sick parent/child … Meet with your Boss and sincerely and respectfully share that you have some concerns and wonder if (s)he can share his/her thoughts with you. Perhaps together you can come up with an equally beneficial solution.

You now have your personal invitation to join us on Twitter for Super Soul Sundays. Who knows – you might even get a personal tweet directly from Oprah or the Guest Celebrity of the day. Eckhart will be there for the next month or two. After all, we are only at Chapter three.

Now, I must run. I need to hit Chapters to buy a certain book … lol A New Earth

Picture with thanks from Oprah.com

Start Preparing Now and the Warmth Will Come

Start Preparing Now and the Warmth Will Come

Flickr.com picture thanks to Jarod Carruthers

People are so tired of this loooooong winter that they are not even talking about it anymore – have you noticed? It’s like it has become such an old topic that everyone has said everything that they can possibly say … and still it is cold outdoors.

Well, I have decided that I am going to start my gardening! Usually Spring arrives and I just grab whatever attracts me at Costco and some of the local nurseries. This is the first year that I have actually had time to think about it, research, and plan what I really want in my garden. I have spent many pleasurable hours perusing Pinterest and have created my very own Garden Board. I am amazed at the ideas and imagination that is out there to reap and stow away for my personal use!

I am in my new home with a little front and back garden. I have decided part of what I would like to do is invite friends over for an Open House afternoon. I am asking them to bring a slip of something from their perennial garden to plant in mine. This whimsical idea will continuously remind me of all my cherished friends throughout the summer months, and year after year.

It’s Time!!

It's Time!!

I touched on this in an earlier blog. It’s Time!! It’s time to give serious thought to your own personal Bucket List. Have you even thought of this yet? Or are you a person who has 100+ items on their list already? None of us knows when our journey is over, and some of the items on your list may need to be done in the near future rather than decades from now (if we are so lucky). If you need a place to start, simply google Bucket List and you will be offered pages and pages of ideas. But the most important thing to remember is that this is YOURS! Not what others expect of you. Not what you think you SHOULD do. Start with simply making a list of everything that comes to mind (you can always revise it — it is yours, remember?). It does not matter what others think of your list.

My Personal Bucket List goes something like this:

1. Skydiving. I wanted this at 18 years old. It’s time!
2. My first tats — no worries — eyebrows and eyeliner.
3. Become truly proficient in Tai Chi.
4. Have Yoga become a permanent part of my life (now at 6 months)
5. Find my new Volunteer Passion Fit.
6. Cruise the Hawaiian Islands.
7. Do the Colour Run (Registered for September 11, 2014.)
8. Visit Costa Rica and Zip Line through the Rain Forrest and observe the monkeys.
9. Get my figure back – Be proud of who I am inside & outside.
10.Eating healthy to feel good.
11.Learn Pool / Billiards.
12.Scan pictures, make memory sticks for kids and me, and frame favourites.
13.Have some regular outings to look forward to.
14.Have my Garden Party.
15.Make someone smile each day and record in journal to make me accountable.
16.Record just one of the blessings that I receive each day along with the above.
17.Start monthly Family Dinners.

This list will be updated as the need arises. 🙂

Image thanks to Wikipedia

Who Woulda Thought???

Oh my goodness!!!  I have ‘stuck to it’.  I really have!  🙂

I don’t know about you, but so often I begin something, only to lose interest.  It might be because it has taken too long to see the results I anticipated; or that I piled too much on my plate and did not have enough hours in the day to complete all tasks.  You know what?  I can give you a million different reasons why I have not ‘stuck to it’!  It is funny how I can always come up with time for something I really want to do, no matter how busy I am.  Does any of this resonate with you?

I am so excited!  I began yoga (again), last October.  It is now six months later, and I am still attending twice a week, doing one or two (back to back) classes on each day.  On the way home tonight, I realized how much my body is enjoying and benefiting from the stretches, fellowship, mindfulness, and expert guidance of Yoga Instructors.  Perhaps it is the welcoming and comfortable feeling when you walk through the door of Hands That Heal – the same kind of coziness you feel when you arrive home after a hard work day.   I am amazed at the differences I am noticing right now in my body – my posture is much improved; the stress that I always carry between my shoulder blades is gone;  I am breathing  easier and deeper, my flexibility and strength has increased tenfold.  These are all things I was not looking for, because I never stopped to list any expectations I might have for taking yoga – except maybe the generic:  ‘feel better’.

No, I am not promoting yoga specifically  for you.  What I am suggesting is that each of us can find something that is a perfect, natural fit.  Whether it is yoga or basketball or volunteering or any of the hundreds of other choices, I suggest that you take the time to figure out something new that will make a positive difference in your life  and then ‘STICK TO IT!’

Hands That Heal

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

Need some ideas on celebrating the one day where everyone is Irish?

I started off by joining my kiddies for Sunday Brunch. I kinda embarrassed one of them, I guess, ’cause I was instructed to remove “at least my hat”. (She is the one that took this pic … refused to be in it 🙂 The other two had that “oh dear, mom has arrived” look, lol. Ah well, will make for fun memories to recall in the future 🙂

Here is a link to a fellow bloggers site. Marilyn has researched a great list of local pubs and their websites: Local Pubs for March 17th Celebrations … with thanks to Marilyn Archibald and her great and timely info!

If you prefer something more outdoorsy and perhaps a tad healthier than sitting in a dimly lit pub drinking green brew – you might consider joining the crowd at the Waterfall Illumination Monday Evening: Hamilton – Waterfall Capital of the World Thanks to Chris Eckland and his fantastic volunteer group who are continually providing us with illuminated waterfall destinations throughout the year! Wear Green, bring a canned good for the foodshare, and come with friends or meet new ones there … Always a great time!

Whatever you choose – choose something that makes you smile!

Celebrate Every Day!!

Celebrate Every Day!!Found on Sky Dive Las Vegas

Yeah, you’ve heard this one before, over and over, I am sure!

But this is different … I think you will like it.

Each month I intend to have a picture of the most exciting thing I did that month. I intend to create a calendar for 2015 with each month displaying the cherished memory of the year before.

For example – January I went to Cuba and was knitting on the beach. I was actually attempting to capture the Cuban sun and warmth into the scarf to bring back to the frigid north with me. (And man, was it ever cold when I arrived home with my newly completed scarf wrapped tightly around my neck.)

February I ran the Annual Fundraiser for the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. I have a lovely pic of MC Connie Smith and myself to bring back the sweat, tears, fun and laughter of that event.

March will probably be a Green Me celebrating St. Patty’s Day, but who knows? The month is only half over.

I do know that June – my birthday month – will be a pic of me parachuting over Las Vegas. My daughters and I are working on that one already!

So … now that I have your imagination going, I have two challenges for you:

  1. Start your own calendar with a special pic representing each month. It can be as simple as standing in front of a huge mountain of snow with a shovel …
  2. Reply to me with some ideas that I can accomplish to complete my calendar. I still have 8 months to brainstorm over.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance! Can’t wait to hear from you!

🙂 Cathey

37 Things You Will Regret When You Are Old

Older man sees himself as young man

Elderly lady sees younger image in mirror

The lovely lady and gentleman above are looking into mirrors and seeing themselves as they once were. Perhaps they are just recalling times of long ago, but perhaps they still feel like that young person. I know that I don’t see or feel like a junior senior citizen … in my head and my heart I still feel young. I can relate to these pics.

I often wonder what I will consider important over my lifetime if I am lucky enough to enjoy a healthy old age. Even now I try to incorporate this question into my decision making of today: “Will this be important on my deathbed?”. Funny how this always puts thing into perspective. Big issues become inconsequential when viewed from that angle. Family and Friends always seem to float to the top; and the cherished times that I recall rarely cost much (if any) money. I know I won’t look back and revel in the feeling of a new dress, comfy couch, or even that shiny new car.

I just came across this video, and found 37 more items that may count significantly in my last thoughts. I plan to revisit this and add the special ones to my personal bucket list. Ahh … the Bucket List … Now there is an upcoming blog, for sure! I would love to hear some of your “out of the box” ideas for your bucket list!

The Best Things In Life Are Not Things …

Thanks to: Mike Spohr, BuzzFeed Staff, for the 37 Things List
Thanks to: Potraits of the Elderly as They Once Were for the Pictures

Don’t Stomp Your Feet Because You Didn’t Get Your Way!

Don't Stomp Your Feet Because You Didn't Get Your Way!

How many times have you looked back over your life and realized that things would have been a lot different if you had your way? Not necessarily for the better … but definitely different? One instance for me was when I was offered a job in Oakville, which I had to turn down due to circumstances. I was extremely upset! As it turned out, within weeks I was employed at McMaster University – a 10 minute drive versus the 30 minute (plus rush hour) drive to Oakville and home. This had a very positive impact on my life – both work and play.

Another time I felt I had to check out a charity before I could, in good faith, involve youth from my church. I really and truly did not want to go. My thing was babies and youth and cleanliness. This was completely out of my realm! What a shock to find out that I LOVED being with these people, who have been rejected again and again by society! I truly learned that everyone has a story, and every story deserves to be heard. I ended up volunteering there for 16 years! Quite an impact on my life, my personality, my being!

I challenge you to take some quiet time and review your life. Look for your stories – the times that things worked out completely different from what you wanted … and for the better. I would be honoured if you would share with me! I look forward to hearing from you 🙂